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Scroll down futher to see our step-by-step guide on how to get started buying CS GO skins at third-party websites.

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How to buy CSGO skins on trading sites - in 10 steps

There are places to buy CSGO skins, DMarket is known as one of the safest CSGO trading sites to use. They launched in 2017 and have been the first choice by many since.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started buying CSGO skins using

Step 1 - Sign up

Pick one of the trading sites above or click here to register at DMarket. If you have an existing account, simply click the ‘Log in’ button right next to it on the left hand side.

Step 2 - Sign up with Steam

The easiest way to sign up is by using your steam account. Simply click the button saying ‘Sign up with Steam’. By doing so you’ll be sent to their website.

As you’re looking to buy CS GO skins, we assume that you have one already. If not, you have to sign up through Steam first. You can also sign up with e-mail, Twitter, Twitch etc. at DMarket.

Step 3 - Fill in your credentials

On the left-hand side in the picture below it says ‘Steam username’ and ‘Password’. Fill in the correct information and click sign in. As you can see, DMarket is not affiliated with either Steam nor Valve, but there is no need to worry considering the safety of your Steam account.

steam credentials

Step 4 - Enter your email

The last thing you need to do to get started, is to fill in your email address, in addition to accepting their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then click ‘Continue’.

email signup dmarket

Now you’ll get an email from DMarket. Open it and click the button saying ‘Confirm Email’. You’ll be taken back to their website, and are now done with the registration progress.

Step 5 - Browse the marketplace

Now that you have confirmed your email, you have been taken to the front page of DMarket. All you need to do is click on the ‘Marketplace’-button close to the top left corner.

You’ll automatically be sent to where you can buy CS GO items, considering it’s the most popular one. Here you can browse the store for guns, knives, items of clothing etc.

Browse the marketplace

You can use filters to stort items by price, quality, old ones, new ones, pistols, rifles and more. To search for specific items you can simply click the hourglass-icon.

Step 6 - Buying skins

There is a chance, or a rather big chance to be fair, that you’ll be blown away by some of the prices in the store, considering there are tons of rare items for sale. On the other hand, there are many cheap CSGO skins as well worth as little as $0.02.

To buy a csgo skin in the store simply click on it. The item you clicked on will now be ‘selected’. You can see that it has appeared in your shopping basket at the bottom of the screen. If you want to buy it, you’ll have to click the green ‘Buy’-button below.

Step 7 - Fill up your balance

You’ll need to fill up your balance on your account in order to make purchases. If you have money on it already, you can buy it straight away. Click the ‘Go to refill’-button to the right.

Fill up you balance

Step 8 - Choose a payment method

There are several payment options available at DMarket. You can make transactions with:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney
  • Kinguin Gift Card
  • G2A Gift Card

Be aware that payment options can vary from country to country.payment methods

Click the payment method that you want to use to continue. If you want to make a transaction with Visa or MasterCard, they’ll have to verify your ID (takes about 5 minutes). You can proceed with all other payment methods without having to undergo the verification process.

Step 9 - Deposit

Now you can deposit with the payment method of your choice. The amount needed to pay will be pre-selected, so that you don’t have to calculate the amount.

In the picture below you can see that we are using Bitcoin as our payment method.

bitcoin deposit

Follow all the necessary steps. When the purchase is complete, it will look something like the picture below. Simply click the “Go to My Items”-button to have a look at what you bought.

CSGO Skin Buy Complete

Step 10 - CSGO Skin BuyComplete

If you followed all the steps in this guide, you are now the owner of a CSGO skin. Keep it in your DMarket account for later (in case the price goes up) or sell it in the marketplace. You can also withdraw it to your Steam account so that you can use the skin in-game when you play CSGO.

Why you should choose third-party sites

One day you might want to sell some of your skins. By using the Steam platform, you’ll only be able to use the money or other items from their online store.

If you use a third-party site, on the other hand, you can withdraw your CSGO skin money via PayPal, bank transfer, Payoneer or other payment methods. This way you can use money from selling CSGO skins on whatever you like.

There are several other benefits of using a third-party site. Not only do you have a great interface, but it’s also amazingly easy to buy and sell, as well as mass-buy and mass-sell. In other words, you can buy or sell many CSGO skins at the same time.

Benefits of Buying Skins through Steam

When it comes to buying CSGO skins through Steam, you can always count on a stable, safe, and regulated marketplace. It’s also fairly easy to both sell and purchase CSGO skins. On the other hand, you will not be able to mass-buy or mass-sell items through the marketplace on Steam.

The interface on the platform is rather outdated compared to third-party sites. In addition, you’re very limited to what you can spend your money on if you decide to sell the skin later.

Best sites to buy CSGO skins in 2021

Below we take a look at some of the best sites where you can buy CSGO skins in 2021.


DMarket is one of the best marketplaces to trade, sell and buy Counter-Strike items. Being based out of Wilmington, USA, it is known to be a reputable third-party website in the industry.

In fact they’ve had 40 million+ transactions recorded in blockchain and 10 million+ closed deals. 

DMarket is also used by big streamers within the community and known for having a huge selection of CSGO items available. By ‘huge’ we mean over 1 million different skins.

It’s also worth mentioning that they offer tons of payment methods for deposits and withdrawal. Live chat is available around the clock, but you can send an email instead if you prefer that.

Using DMarket you can buy and sell CSGO skins, but if you like Dota 2, TF2, Rust etc. there are even more options for you.

Some of the reasons why we love DMarket are:

  • 0 % fees on buying and up to 1 % when selling
  • Huge variety of CSGO skins you can buy
  • Reputable brand in the industry

Visit site here.


Skinport is another reputable place where you’re able to buy CSGO skins based out of Stuttgart in Germany. Skinport might actually be the safest place to buy, with their excellent track record and stellar reviews.

Some of the reasons why we love Skinport are:

  • 0 % fee when you buy CSGO skins
  • One of the best customer services in the industry
  • Huge variety of CSGO skins
  • Plenty of payment options

Visit site here.


In unison with the two other sites we’ve talked about, CS.Money is yet another reputable brand in the industry. It’s a place where many chose to buy their first CSGO skin due to their huge popularity.

While it is definitely a great place to buy CSGO skins, they work with higher fees than some of their competitors. Their commission is actually as high as 7 %, however this can be reduced to 4 % if you purchase their Prime Subscription.

Some of the reasons why we love CS.Money are:

  • Huge variety of CSGO skins
  • Several features like trading and selling
  • Fast support

Visit site here.

Buy CSGO Skins FAQ

Can I buy CS GO skins with PayPal?

It will depend on the site and where you’re from. Some CSGO skin sites allow you to buy CS GO skins with PayPal.

What is the best way to get skins in CSGO?

The best way is to buy them on either a third-party website or the Steam Marketplace.

Where do I buy CSGO skins?

You can use several sites to buy CSGO skins. We recommend either DMarket, or any of the others listed above like Skinport and CS.Money. Pick the one that is best suited for your needs.

Are CSGO skins a good investment?

It can be for many, but you have to know the market. In other words you need to learn more about CSGO skins, rarity, changes and a lot more to be able to earn money buying CSGO skins.

Why are CSGO skins so expensive?

There are some skins that are more rare than others. In CSGO items can be sold a limited amount of items. The items that are most limited will usually be more expensive.

What is the cheapest CSGO skin?

The cheapest CSGO skin that we’ve seen recently is worth $0.02. This is a skin for the machinegun Negev | Army Sheen (Factory New) sold on the marketplace at