Is it legit?

WTFSkins is somewhat legit. 

Site is lacking a legit gambling license. However, it's been operating since 2016 & has well established brand with a high Trustpilot score. We would still recommend it for Crash, Roulette and Jackpot games. 















Bonus code offer

$0.25 Free


Founded in 2016.
wtfskins has 108000 monthly searches.
Company: Live Streaming Ads LLC
No gambling licence


Promo code and welcome bonus offer

A lucrative skin gambling journey is supposed to start with a welcoming offer, so here goes our WTFSkins affiliate code - “CSGOSB”.

After registration, click on Free in the top left corner. Once the box pops up, type in our promo code, and you’ll get $0.25 to start playing for free.

This might seem enough for a start, yet the story doesn’t end here. There are two more opportunities that you should explore.

Free balance for experienced players

Welcome offers are here to attract new players. However, once you become a regular, you won’t get forgotten.

WTFSkins will give you a specific amount of free credits, depending on your account level. The starting sum for levels 1 to 5 is $0.02, and as you progress, it might rise to $144.10 per day.

To see the detailed breakdown of free credits and levels, check out this link.

Weekly facebook giveaways

We regularly see different giveaways in some of the best CS:GO gambling sites, and WTFSkins is not any different.

They are hosting weekly CSGO giveaways on Twitter where you can earn CS:GO skins worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. To enter giveaways, you’ll have to find their official Twitter account (@playwtfskins), then comment on a giveaway post with your Steam ID, follow, like, retweet, and get lucky.

Here are some of the items WTFSkins gave to lucky players in the past few weeks:

  • AWP Oni Taiji (Factory New)
  • M4A1-S Chantico's Fire (Minimal Wear)
  • AK-47 Frontside Misty (Factory New)
  • AK-47 The Empress (Field-Tested)

Games and services selection

WTFSkins game selection

The game selection at WTFSkins is focused and straightforward - they have Crash, Roulette and Jackpot.

There is also a case opening section, but as this isn’t WTFSkins’ service, you’ll be redirected to their partners


The CSGO crash game punishes greed but doesn’t let you play too safe either.

CS:GO Crash at WTFSkins

The goal here is to click the cash out button before the multiplier crashes down to 0x. It will start from 1x, progressively rising, and you should cash out at the last possible moment when the multiplier is the highest. Of course, neither you can be late.

Miss a click for a millisecond and you are losing the stake.


CSGO roulette is a well-known game, and WTFSkins is using its simplified edition - mini roulette. This one has 15 different numbers - 7 black, 7 red and 1 green.

CS:GO Roulette at WTFSkins

Make a correct prediction with black or red and you’ll double the stake. Predict the landing on a green pocket, and your stake will be multiplied by 14.


Jackpot is a high-risk, high-reward game that gives the prime award to the winner.

CS:GO Jackpot at WTFSkins

The game starts when all players deposit skins. Then, the wheel starts spinning, and the lucky winner is getting everything that’s on the table.

There is a small 5% commission for a jackpot, so the platform will also get its fair share.

Payment method variety

In-game items and skins are the main (and the only official) WTFSkins currency. You can use different banking methods to deposit your funds but withdraw only skins and in-game items.

In other words, once you deposit real money to WTFSkins, that money converts to a virtual asset that can be used to play crash, roulette and jackpot.

Here is a complete list of WTFSkins deposit methods:

  • MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Skrill, G2A Pay, WAX Express Trade Discover, PayOp, UnionPay, Gamemoney, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), CS:GO skins, CS:GO keys, Dota 2 items, Team Fortress 2 keys

The withdrawal methods list is limited to in-game items, and it includes:

  • CS:GO skins, CS:GO keys, Dota 2 items, Team Fortress 2 keys

After you earn skins, you can easily sell them for real money on CS:GO skin trading sites such as DMarket.

Popularity and reputation

WTFSkins is a site with a well-maintained reputation since 2016. They have a great Trustpilot score of 4.7 out of 5.0, which is by far the best score out of all CS:GO betting sites we’ve reviewed by far.

WTFSkins Trustpilot

Also, a great trust signal comes from their partners and reputable affiliates. You will often see WTFSkins advertising on popular streams on YouTube and Twitch.

For example, Juicy and WatchGamesTV certainly wouldn’t risk their reputation with sites that aren’t completely reliable and safe.

Also, you might have seen WTFSkins during official eSports events. They were the sponsors of EGB PGL Major, which might be why they seem already familiar to CS:GO fans.


You can easily contact the WTFSkins support team through the ticketing system. This might be an easy system, yet the response rate is often a few hours. So, if you have a quick question, this might be a minor issue.

On the good side, there is an active chat on the left-hand side, so you can always address the problem publicly and someone might solve it for you.

License and security

WTFSkins doesn’t have a gambling license, yet it’s an entirely legit and scam-free site. As we already discussed, you can’t officially withdraw real money, and the currency is solely virtual here. So from there, this can’t be classified as a gambling site.

This methodology has its pros and cons, yet we believe that it’s more of an advantage. For example, there are many sites with a valid license yet with questionable processes.

The more important factor here is a Provably Fair system. Provably fair is an algorithm that’s protecting players from operators rigging and setting the games. You can always verify the outcomes by clicking on your name > profile > history > round you wish to check > provably fair data > ‘Show Data’.

WTFSkins also uses a secure padlock (SSL), which means that the communication with the site is end-to-end encrypted. Nobody can interfere with your communication and your data is always protected.

How to sign-up?

As WTFSkins is a skin-focused gambling site, you must sign-up with your Steam account. It’s impossible to create an account just with your email, but without Steam.

The sign-up process goes like this:

  1. Follow the WTFSkins link on top of this page
  2. Click on the “Sign in through Steam” button on the top right corner of the page
  3. Enter ‘CSGOSB’ promo code, and you’re ready to start


WTFSkins is a safe and reliable CS:GO skin betting site with the best reputation among the competition. Here you can play Crash, Roulette or Jackpot, and get CS:GO, Dota 2 or Team Fortress 2 items in return for winnings.

There is a wide range of different deposit methods - from credit and debit cards to cryptocurrencies and in-game items.

As a new player, you’ll be welcomed with a symbolic promo offer of $0.25, yet after you start playing the bonuses will start multiplying. Loyal members get free credits as they level up the account, and lucky ones might even win premium skins for free during the Twitter giveaways.

If betting with skins, and more importantly, betting for skins is your thing, we strongly recommend WTFSkins due to their reputation, usability, bonuses and fair-play model.


How to get money out of WTFSkins after CS:GO trade ban?

As skins are the only withdrawal method at WTFSkins you’ll need to send them to other players if your account has a trade ban.

How to add money to WTFSkins?

Adding money to WTFSkins is an easy process as you can use any of the listed deposit methods. Just pick the most convenient option, confirm the amount and you’re ready. You can also deposit using in-game skins, and their value will be approximately converted.