Is it legit?

RustySaloon is a somewhat legitimate Rust gambling site with several attractive and unique games. 

However, as they’ve been running since 2021, we need to wait a bit more to see if it’s as good as it’s promoted by streamers.












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Founded in 2021.
rustysaloon has 450 monthly searches.
Company: n/a
No gambling licence


Referral code and welcome bonus offer

All players who register using our affiliate link and the promo code “CSGOSB” will get $0.50 after the sign-up is complete. You don’t even need to deposit to claim this welcome bonus offer.

rustysaloon promo code

This certainly isn’t a huge sum, yet it’s a good sign for the start of your Rust gambling journey at RustySaloon.

Additionally, they prepared several more giveaways and ways to earn extra cash or skins, so stay tuned and check those out as well.

RustySaloon Giveaways

Once you open the site, on the right side above the chat, you’ll see hourly, daily, and weekly giveaway prizes.

At the moment of writing this review, those are the items that you could get:

  • Ancient Totem Door (1.55 coins) - Hourly Giveaway
  • Elite Mp5 (17.68 coins) - Daily Giveaway
  • Christmas Lights (92.37 coins) - Weekly Giveaway

Another great way of catching the different giveaways is by following the official RustySaloon Twitter profile. They are regularly posting and re-tweeting different promotions and offers from their partners and other players, so you could easily get $50, $100, $200, or even more in Rust Skins or RustySaloon coins.

rustysaloon twitter giveaway

RustySaloon Faucet

RustySaloon’s Faucet option is another promo offer that you might get. If you include #rustysaloon in your Steam name, you’ll get 3 cents each 15 minutes.

You’ve probably seen other players with different Rust or CS:GO platforms in their Steam name, and now you know why.

If you’re just leveling your account, without some serious placements, you could consider this option as it translates to free money.

rustysaloon faucet promotion

Game and service selection

RustySaloon offers a decent portfolio of games that are often seen on CS:GO betting sites. Most of them are classics, yet, they made a cool twist with custom variations and slight modifications.

Compared to RustChance, this one offers several more options including custom slots and spinwheel - the wheel that could grant you 50x of your stake if you’re lucky enough.

Crash is another well-known game title that will test your patience and challenge your inner greedy demon. The rules here are simple, but once the potential profit starts climbing, you might have a hard time withdrawing the money.

Here goes the full list of available games at RustySaloon:

  • Roulette
  • Crash
  • 50x
  • Towers
  • Dice
  • Mines
  • Slots
  • Slot Battles

rustysaloon roulette

Payment methods

The popular way of bypassing the licensing problems is by not including real money to sites related to in-game items gambling. Or at least by not including real money as a withdrawal option.

RustyChance did exactly that - you could deposit, withdraw, and play with your skins to win more or lose everything. However, here you’ll be limited to claiming Rust items only - directly to your Rust Steam account.

Despite the bottleneck with withdrawals, RustySaloon has quite a few deposit methods to choose from. You’ll be able to deposit using not only Rust skins but also CS:GO or Dota 2 items. Additionally, you can use cryptocurrencies, e-wallets and credit cards.

Here is the full list of RustySaloon payment options -

  • Deposit methods: Rust skins, CS:GO skins, Dota 2 skins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Gift cards, MasterCard, PayPal, Google Pay, Paysafecard, Trustly
  • Withdrawal methods: Rust skins

rustysaloon deposit methods

Popularity and reputation

RustySaloon is a young site that’s still about to establish a reputation within the gambling and gaming community.

Their Trustpilot reviews page doesn’t show much, as they have only three reviews at this moment. However, those three reviews are having an average score of 3.1 out of 5.0, which is far from ideal.

rustysaloon trustpilot

Additionally, the house edge on this site isn’t as good, and some players already complained on Reddit about this topic. The official house edge here is 6% but that’s not the entire calculation.

There is also an item valuation difference between the deposits and withdrawals that equals around 20%. In other words, if you deposit an item, and then withdraw the same item back, you would have to pay 20% extra to get the same item.


We’ve got mixed feelings about the entire concept of RustySaloon support. In fact, you won’t find regular support through live chat, a ticket system on the website, or even email.

The entire support section is within their Discord channel. Over there you’ll find other players, moderators, and everything community-related.

We’ve tried getting in touch, and they were fairly efficient with average response times ranging from several minutes to several hours.

License and security

As we’ve already mentioned in the payment methods section - RustySaloon doesn’t have an official gambling license. Since you’re not able to withdraw nor win real money, those activities aren’t classified as gambling activities, thus they don’t need to have a gambling license to legally operate.

This could be a good thing, as gambling-related restrictions won’t apply here. However, there’s the other side of the coin as well. With such a system, games tend to be less regulated without the official supervisory body.

However, RustySaloon offers a Provably Fair algorithm for Roulette, Crash, 50x, Dice, Slots and Slot Battles. The algorithm is supposed to make sure you’re having a fair play gambling experience without the possibility of making the games rigged.

Speaking of security, they have a secure SSL encryption that will make sure to keep your data private. With that encryption system, nobody except the two parties on different ends (RustySaloon and you) could interfere with the data, keeping your sensitive information secret.

How to sign-up

Since this is an item gambling site, you’ll have to complete your registration using your Steam account.

To do so successfully and claim the previously mentioned welcome bonus offer, follow these steps:

  1. Click on this link or a link on the top of this page
  2. Make sure to include “CSGOSB” in the promo code section (although this should be done automatically as you follow our promo link)
  3. Click on the Sign-in through Steam button in the top right corner
  4. Voila! You’re ready to go!

Now check the mail to confirm the registration, and optionally add an extra deposit method and you’re fully prepared.

Our Verdict

RustySaloon is a new Rust gambling site that’s founded in 2021, thus it needs some time to establish the proper reputation within the gaming community. For now, they seem to be doing a good job regarding the games selection and creativity.

However, it’s noticeable that we’re talking about the fairly young website, as there are a few critical missing steps.

First, they don’t have proper customer support. Instead of the regular support, you can reach out through their Discord channel, which is certainly not the most efficient method.

Then, due to their age, there isn’t enough evidence around the internet to tell if this site is fully legitimate. We’ve discovered that the house edge is quite big - around 26% when you take everything into consideration. However, that’s somewhat common for all similar sites.

So for now, RustySaloon has got a decent momentum with several good moves, yet it needs to go a long way before we could call it a legitimate and genuine gambling site.

Until then, we would probably consider sticking to a well-established CS:GO gambling site that has included Rust items. Some of the great examples are CSGO500 and Gamdom.

RustySaloon FAQ

What is RustySaloon?

RustySaloon is an online gambling platform where you can use Rust in-game items as a currency. Here you can play Roulette, Crash, Towers, Dice, Spinwheel and several other games of luck.

Is RustySaloon a scam?

No, RustySaloon is not a scam, and despite not having a gambling license, their security and overall site’s safety is on point to prevent fraud. However, you need to take care not to end up on a phishing site, as those might trick you by mirroring the original versions you’ve been looking for.

Can I win real money on RustySaloon?

Nope, you can’t win real money on RustySaloon, and the only currency you could withdraw as a winning are Rust in-game items and skins. However, once you make a decent collection, you could head to a trading site and convert those items into real money.