Is it legit?

RustChance seems like a legit site, as they are using a Provably Fair algorithm; however, they don’t have a valid gambling license.

They offer a standard set of gambling games, and you can deposit and withdraw only with in-game skins.


Referral code and welcome bonus offer

RustChance is giving away $0.50 free to all newly registered users. After you sign-up using Steam, make sure to set your profile and game library to public.

Then, enter our RustChance referral code “CSGOSB” and the money should appear on your RustChance gambling account.

Other RustChance Bonuses

As the welcome bonus isn’t as great, players would definitely benefit from an extra promo offer.

Luckily, they were ready to provide additional value, which you’ll see as soon as you open the Bonuses section - the last link in the header menu row.

They prepared a set of different cases - from Bronze I to Diamond V. The first case will be waiting for you once your account reaches level 5, the second one on level 10, and so on.

Each level requires you to collect a certain amount of experience or XP points. For each $0.01 of your deposit, you’ll get 1 XP. To get to level 2, you have to collect 100 XP or deposit $1.

RustChance bonus crates

RustChance Giveaway

The final place where you could get a free boost is RustChance’s Discord channel. They are frequently hosting giveaways for the active fans on the channel so it’s worth giving a try.

The prizes range from RustChance gambling money to various Rust in-game skins.

Game and service selection

RustChance offers a standard portfolio of Rust gambling games. The selection is somewhat the same as on popular CS:GO gambling sites.

The first game on the list is a jackpot, divided into two categories - High Rollers and Low Ballers.

The second one is a good old coin flip, followed by roulette, crash and mines.

rustchance roulette

Mines are not as common in Rust or even CS:GO gambling, and the game is similar to Minesweeper. RustChance’s iteration of the classic game is named Landmines.

rustchance landmines

Is there any RustChance Crash strategy?

Crash is a pure game of luck, yet compared to other RNG games, this one offers a dash of player’s control. You can choose when to cash out, and that timing will determine whether you win or lose.

If you wait too long, the line might crash leaving you with no winnings. Or, click cash out too early and you won’t be able to get back your deposits.

The winning strategy doesn’t exist, yet there are some guidelines to follow. First, make sure not to get greedy. As the multiplier is rising, your potential winnings are rising, making it difficult to cash out. However, that is the catch with this game.

On the other hand, if you cash out when the multiplier is even below 2x, you might have a hard time earning anything at all.

Therefore, a general rule of thumb is to stick around the sweet spot which is around 2x.

rustchance crash

And what about RustChance Crash hack?

Many tried this before, and many will try after. Yet, in this case, the only winner is the developer of a so-called hack.

Those apps are meant to either steal your login information and valuable data or transfer your in-game items to their account, to the point of no return.

So, our advice is to stick to regular gameplay and eventually you’ll get lucky.

High Rollers and Low Ballers

The first two items in the header menu are two variations of a classic jackpot game. The first one is named High Rollers, and the second is Low Ballers and both are pretty self-explanatory.

If you’re not familiar with the jackpot in Rust gambling, it goes like this -

A few players join the game, and each player has to deposit an item where chances of winning are proportional to the value of your deposit. The math is simple here. If two players join the jackpot game, 1st with a $7 skin, and the 2nd with a $3 skin, the first will have 70% chances of winning, and the second 30%. The player to get lucky takes all items from the table, including his initial deposit as well.

Once you start playing at RustChance, the Low Ballers jackpot will let you practice the game a bit. As the deposits are worth pennies, you’ll be able to test it for a few rounds for under a dollar.

rustchance low ballers jackpot

Then, after you master the tactic, you can switch to the high rollers category and enroll a chance of winning some serious items.

rustchance high rollers jackpot

Payment methods

RustChance is solely based on in-game items, and it’s not possible to deposit or withdraw real money.

Withdrawals are especially limited, as players can withdraw Rust skins only.

When it comes to deposits, the situation is a bit looser, yet it’s not great either. You can deposit Rust skins, CS:GO skins or Dota 2 skins.

Popularity and reputation

Rust is a fairly popular game, however, Rust gambling sites are nowhere near to their CS:GO competitors. For that reason, we couldn’t find much first-hand information, but here are a few takeaways.

RustChance doesn’t seem to be a verified site within the community, and there aren’t many positive reviews. People have been mentioning the sketchy processes and rigged games.

On the other hand, the site seems to use a Provably Fair algorithm, and if everything is properly executed, that is definitely a guarantee of legitimacy.

They also don’t have a Trustpilot score, so it’s hard to tell what’s the general opinion about this site.


RustChance support is not the most effective out there. If you happen to have any issues or queries, you’ll have to address them through the ticket system.

The ticket system can be found under the Support section at the top of the page.

Their usual response time is under 24 hours, so don’t expect an urgent answer.

License and security

Since RustChance doesn’t use real money to fund their activities, those games aren’t officially considered to be gambling activities. For that reason, they don’t need a license to operate.

Speaking of security, the site attracts approximately 500,000 monthly visitors, therefore it should be somewhat safe. They are using an SSL certificate for secure connections, so hackers are having a really hard time stealing data.

However, there’s this common problem with scams and phishing sites. Several other sites look identical to RustChance, only with slightly different URLs, such as RustChence, RustCharice, etc.

Once you open those phishing sites, your data will be stolen the moment you share your login credentials. So, before logging in or conducting any activities, make sure you’re on the right platform.

How to sign-up

You can easily sign-up using your Steam account. All you have to do is open the site and click on the “Sign in through Steam” button in the top right corner of the page.

Once you’re there, make sure to redeem our RustChance code “CSGOSB”. Once you enter the code, you’ll get $0.50 for free to test the games.

rustchance coin flip

Our Verdict

RustChance is one of the few Rust gambling sites, and doesn’t seem as promising as some more reputable CS:GO gambling sites. Yet, when we compare it with other Rust gambling sites, this one is somewhere in the middle.

The reputation isn’t great, and in fact, it can’t be securely checked. There are a few negative reviews, as well as some positive ones, so the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

At the end of the day, make sure to avoid phishing sites and stay away from scams, and you’ll probably be fine. The chances of winning are similar everywhere, and if you’re playing responsibly, you could have a good time and maybe even win something.

RustChance FAQ

What is RustChance?

RustChance is a gambling platform for Rust players. At RustChance you can play games of luck such as jackpot and roulette and win some of the Rust in-game items.

How to get sponsored by RustChance?

It’s not that easy to get sponsored by RustChance, and to do so, you’ll have to be a content creator of some sort. The most common partnership is between YouTubers and RustChance, yet you could do it with social media as well.

How does RustChance work?

RustChance works based on a random number generator and provably fair algorithms. There isn’t anybody from RustChance that can directly influence your winnings or losses, and everything comes to a matter of luck.

How to win on RustChance?

As we’ve mentioned before, there is no winning formula for RustChance. As the games are based on random numbers, perhaps you’ll “only” have to get lucky.