Is it legit?

Hellcase doesn’t have a gambling license, but it’s using a provability fair algorithm; therefore, we still consider it to be legit and safe to play at.

With the number of monthly users hitting seven figures, Hellcase is a highly recommended platform for case openings, trading, upgrade, and more.



Case opening










Bonus code offer

10% bonus on first depost, 7% on 2nd then 5%


Founded in 2016.
hellcase has 485000 monthly searches.
Company: Newera Frozen PTE
No gambling licence


Promo code and welcome bonus offer

Hellcase is offering a three-step welcome bonus with the promo code ‘CSGOSB’ (you can enter it in the promo code box when you open the deposit window).

Once you enter the above-mentioned referral code, you’ll get three matched deposit bonuses for the first three deposits:

  • 10% bonus on the first deposit
  • 7% bonus on the second deposit
  • 5% bonus on the third deposit

While this doesn’t seem like a large sum, it is certainly one of the biggest bonuses in the CS:GO skin gambling field. Most other competitors will provide a bonus of up to 5%, or they will give you a fixed amount that’s less than one dollar regardless of your deposit amount.

Logically, this serves to attract new customers and get them as players, however, you are winning free money by redeeming a bonus, so why shouldn’t you use it.

Take this one as an example: If you deposit $50 three times, you’ll get a total bonus of $11 - which is absolutely a decent amount. You can use this extra money to explore new games or take on a crate you didn’t consider before.


The story with bonuses doesn’t end when you claim the welcome bonus. Once you register and start playing there will be several CSGO giveaways and seasonal promo offers.

Hellcase free drops

Partner-generated giveaways

Partner and user-generated giveaways are the most popular bonus type at Hellcase. And we’re not speaking about a single offer.

Here you will find a bunch of active giveaways each day. Also, one giveaway might have over 10 different skins, so these are something you need to check out.

At the moment of writing this review, we’ve found exactly 62 active giveaways where the most lucrative one offers skins valued over a thousand dollars.

Hellcase user-generated giveaways

To enroll in such giveaways, you’ll have to finish one or a few tasks. Most of them are related to watching and liking a YouTube video.

Free daily giveaway

Hellcase also offers free daily giveaway prizes to users that are meeting two requirements.

  1. You have to change your name and a profile photo on Steam. It’s nothing much - you simply need to add text “Hellcase” next to your nick and select one of the given Hellcase avatars. You won’t be able to participate in this giveaway if your Steam account isn’t at least level
  2. You’ll need to set a profile to the public and play at least 12 hours of CS:GO or Dota 2.

See more sites offering bonuses & cases.

Hellcase Snapchat giveaway

During our in-depth research, we found out that Hellcase used to give promo codes on Snapchat back in 2017 and 2018.

Back then, when sites like this one were just developing, they had to cover multiple markets by giving away a lot. Now, as the industry is well-established, they switched their focus from attracting a wider audience to improving existing processes.

As a result, we might not have as many promotions and giveaways, yet we’re enjoying higher-quality gaming.

Games and services selection

In addition to the regular set of games and services, Hellcase offers a few rotating games that you should try.

Here is the complete list of CS:GO games available at Hellcase.

Hellcase list of games

Case opening

Case openings are Hellcase’s core. On the homepage, you’ll find a full set of cases for openings that range from a few cents to a few hundred dollars.

Hellcase case openings

Depending on the total case value, you might get anything from common, few-dollar skins, to premium knives and gloves with sky-high prices.

Despite a bit of a messy home page and stacked set of cases, here you’ll see some of the most creative case themes.

Case battles

A good case battle game needs a bunch of players to make it work. And this is where Hellcase excels. With such a great player base, there will be a few thousand active players even at 3 AM.

So if you’re feeling brave, jump into that case battle and be the winner that takes it all.

Hellcase case battles

Contract (Trading)

Trading at Hellcase is made quite simple. Other sites opt for fine-tuning the trade proportions, and here everything’s simplified.

You can choose one out of three possible scenarios:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

Opt for an easy one, and you’ll have approximately 50% of winning the skin that’s double the amount of yours.

Medium is reserved for players who like a bit of risk. Chances of winning are decreased here, yet you could get so much in return.

Hard is meant for experts. This is not created to cry over losses. Let’s face it - you’ll be losing most of the time. However, the difference comes as you win. The hard mode will bring you the most valuable rewards that truly make a difference once you get lucky.

Hellcase trading difficulty


An upgrade is among the most popular games. The idea of taking your old and used-up skins and exchanging them for more interesting ones always seemed irresistible.

So if you’re one of those that prefer to play it safe, here you’ll have your idea of having fun. As you can set the multiplier and the prices, everything’s more enjoyable.

Hellcase upgrade

At this moment, Hellcase has a total of 8,742 items in the upgrade section, so you’ll have plenty of choices.


The events category includes those limited-edition seasonal games and promotions. This category uses event tokens - a different currency compared to the rest of the site.

Hellcase events

There are several ways to earn tokens including opening cases and completing different challenges. Also, the more tokens you collect, the higher you will get on the leaderboard. The position on the leaderboard will influence your winnings once the event comes to the end.

If you don’t have any tokens yet, don’t worry. You can buy those at the “event store” section by simply converting your Hellcase money to the official tokens.

Payment method variety

Hellcase covers more or less every deposit method you can think of. Thanks to the partnership with G2A pay, you can choose a more traditional or modern banking method to deposit your money.

These include famous e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay), credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and of course CS:GO skins.

Withdrawals are a bit on the shorter side, and the same as with other CS:GO sites, you can only withdraw skins.

Popularity and reputation

Hellcase in numbes

As always, the opinions are highly polarized here. One side is claiming that Hellcase is one of the best CS:GO gambling sites, while the other is complaining about the ridiculously high house edge.

However, since they implemented a provability fair algorithm, you can check the house edge yourself. However, it’s a more complex mathematical problem, so prepare to roll up your sleeves.

Another decent trust signal comes from the major site reviewing platform - Trustpilot. Hellcase has a decent score of 4.2 out of 5.0 with 2,783 real player reviews.

Trustpilot score for hellcase

Speaking of Trustpilot, what we appreciate the most is the active customer service that answers more or less each review over there, especially the negative ones. They are trying to communicate with the users to check the problems, and then finally help detractors and neutrals and convert them to promoters.


Hellcase offers good support, yet they are only available through an official ticketing system or email. This means you’ll have to wait a bit more to get the answer. But on the bright side, they are efficient and able to solve your problems and queries.

Also, we’d like to see some sort of 24/7 live support in the future, as that is proven to be the most effective customer support communication method.

License and security

As we’ve already mentioned in the introduction, Hellcase doesn’t own an official gambling license.

But why’s that?

It isn’t a big of a deal - as users can’t directly withdraw money, nor gamble with the real money, those activities won't be flagged as gambling. As soon as you make a deposit, that money is converted to virtual money, which is the same as if you were playing with the Monopoly cash.

On the other hand, Hellcase did everything in its power to implement security and safety standards to a maximum.

They have a reliable encryption certificate, and more importantly, a provability fair algorithm that protects players’ chances for winning.

What about the Hellcase hack?

There are still some people looking for something called a “Hellcase hack”. I’m sad to disappoint you, but there’s no such thing.

You simply can’t find a document or an application that could raise your chances of winning or make your account balance bigger than it is.

The only hack you could find and download is a huge backfire hack that’s going to inflict your computer and steal your data instead. So, don’t fall into this trap, and stick to the processes you’re familiar with.

How to sign-up?

If everything said by far seems good enough, let’s jump into the sign-up process:

  1. Follow the Hellcase link on top of this page
  2. Click on the top right corner to sign-up through Steam
  3. Enter Steam details and connect the account

Your account should be ready.

Now, type in our affiliate code ‘CSGOSB’ in the promo code box next to the deposits and click confirm.

After that choose a deposit method and fund your account.

Thanks to the promo code, you’ll get 10% after the first deposit, while 7% and 5% will be waiting for you when you make another deposit.


Hellcase is one of the most popular CS:GO case opening sites. Some estimations claim that the site has a few million (around six million) active monthly users.

We can’t scrape that information, however here’s one that we can.

We checked Hellcase a few times during the day, and the number of online players didn’t drop under 3k. And we’ve been checking the site multiple times, including the middle of the night and early mornings.

So, when there is hype around a site of this kind, it must mean something. They are either running a viral campaign that’s greatly attracting visitors, or they are simply good at what they are doing.

And for Hellcase, we didn’t find any viral campaign, so the reason is obvious.

Hellcase FAQ

What is Hellcase?

Hellcase is a well-established CS:GO case opening and gambling brand that’s operating since 2016. They offer industry-leading games and competitive welcome bonuses and promo offers and should be tested by a CS:GO, enthusiast.

How to get free money on Hellcase?

Free money sounds either like a lie or a scam. However, if we interpret bonuses as free money, you can easily get that here. All you have to do is sign up and deposit while activating the promo code ‘CSGOSB’. Once finished, your account will get that 10% of your deposit as a bonus, or in other words, free money is on the way.

Is Hellcase safe?

Yes, Hellcase is a reputable and safe site. They are using a provability fair algorithm to make sure that potential winnings are transparent and equal for everyone.