Is it legit?

Yes, DatDrop is a 100% legitimate site with a transparent, provably fair algorithm.

They are highly ranked within a massive 2 million users community that opened more than 212 million CS:GO cases in the past 4 years.



Case opening








Bonus code offer

5% Bonus on every deposits


Founded in 2017.
datdrop has 98000 monthly searches.
Company: Meetic Group LP


DatDrop referral code and welcome bonus offer

With the ‘CSGOSB’ DatDrop promo code, you will get a 5% deposit bonus when you register and fund your account.

This is part of a welcome package offer and a great way to earn free money on DatDrop.

Giveaway CS:GO weapons

Additionally, as soon as you register the account, you’ll see three different DatDrop Giveaways:

Hourly Giveaway

To enter the hourly giveaway, you need to deposit at least $5 on your account. Some of the skins you might win here are:

  • M4A4 The Battlestar (Factory New)
  • StatTrak™ XM1014 Teclu Burner (Factory New)
  • M4A4 X-Ray (Factory New)
  • Five-SeveN Hyper Beast (Well-Worn)

Daily Giveaway

The daily giveaway becomes available when you deposit $10 or more. This one offers significantly better prizes and some of the previous wins included:

  • StatTrak™ AK-47 Case Hardened (Well-Worn)
  • Bowie Knife Boreal Forest (Battle-Scarred)
  • Souvenir R8 Revolver Amber Fade (Factory New)
  • Navaja Knife Blue Steel (Battle-Scarred)

Weekly Giveaway

Weekly giveaways offer premium rewards worth at least $100 and more. To become eligible for this one, you’ll have to deposit more than $20. Previous weekly winners were lucky to get:

  • Hydra Gloves Emerald (Field-Tested)
  • Sticker Harp of War (Holo) (Factory New)
  • StatTrak™ M4A4 Asiimov (Well-Worn)
  • Stiletto Knife Case Hardened (Battle-Scarred)

DatDrop free cases

Another segment of DatDrop’s promo offer are free cases. There are five different case levels with 10-16 different skin drops in each of those.

Unlike standard case openings, where you need to spend money, these are completely free.

All you have to do is make a deposit which you would anyways do. As you deposit more money into your account, the reward pool is getting bigger.

The goal here is to level up your account balance so that you could open high-level cases.

How to level up in DatDrop (and get free cases)?

The minimum deposit amount for a DatDrop free case is $3. This amount will be enough for you to get a Level 1 case. However, as this is a promotion, you certainly want to go for higher rewards.

Free Cases

Here is a list of DatDrop case levels with the minimum deposit amounts:

  • Level 1 case - $3
  • Level 2 case - $25
  • Level 3 case - $50
  • Level 4 case - $75
  • Level 5 case - $100

As you can see, there are five case levels. The amount you deposit dictates the level of a case you will get to open. Higher-level cases offer more valuable drops. Also, you can open one free case per day.

Then, each midnight by UTC, Free Case Level declines by $5. In other words, if you deposit $75 and open Level 4 case, the next day your Free Case Level will be $70*, and you’ll be able to open the Level 3 case.

  • The day after - $65, and Level 3 case
  • The day after - $60, still Level 3 case
  • Etc.
  • Once you drop below $50, you’ll be able to get a Level 2 case, and so on.

If you deposit additional funds in the meantime, your Free Case Level will add up to your current balance. So, if you were at $60 Free Case Level, only $15 more is needed to get back to Level 4 case.

*This amount doesn’t deduct from your actual account balance, and you’re not really losing $5 per day. This is just a metric for your Free Case Level, and the official account balance remains intact.

Game and service selection

DatDrop is a simple CS:GO skin gambling platform focused on crates. They offer three main games where you have the opportunity to earn any skin available in the entire game.

Case opening

Case openings are naturally the first stop at DatDrop. In addition to the standard set of the official cases, here you’ll find a lot more options to discover.

CS:GO case openings at DatDrop

For example, there are cases with only one weapon type, themed cases, or cases with exact percentages of winning - for example, a “10% knife case”.

That case guarantees a 10% chance of getting a decent knife such as Flip Knife Doppler ‌(Factory New), while you’re paying only $8 for the crate.

Case battles

The second stop is the case battle - or “the winner takes it all” game. Here you’ll open multiple cases together with your friend (or an opponent), and the one with more valuable items will take everything that’s on the table.

CS:GO Case Battle at DatDrop

This is certainly a riskier game compared to the standard case opening, yet the final prize is often worth the money. Plus, it’s especially fun when you play it together with your friends.

You can opt for the public battle and let anyone join or pick a private battle and invite your fellas.

DatDrop’s case battle can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players - where you can separate those four players into four teams or group up and make a 2vs2 battle.

Also, if you’re not feeling competitive, there is an equality mode box that you can check. Once checked, all players are sharing the winnings equally.


An upgrade is a game that often adds a finishing touch to your entire experience. After you finish with case openings and case battles, here you have the chance to upgrade the skins you’ve just won.

If you’re not sure how to play Upgrade on DatDrop, here is a quick explainer:

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a box where you can pick a skin to upgrade to a more expensive one. You can also use DatDrop account balance instead or combine money with skins.

Then, from the right side, you can choose the desired reward - a more expensive upgrade item. If you pick an upgrade item that’s much more valuable compared to your deposit, the chances of winning will be low, and vice versa.

Like other DatDrop games, you can open the “Upgrades history” section and see how the dice rolled. As the algorithm is 100% transparent, you’ll always have the chance to see what happened in the background.

Payment method variety

CS:GO skins are the primary payment method at DatDrop. However, there are a few more banking options you can choose for deposits, and those are:

  • G2A Pay
  • GameMoney
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Money4Skins.com
  • WaxPeer.com
  • SkinPay

The situation with withdrawals is slightly worse. At the moment of writing this review, DatDrop changed their payment methods, and now the only withdrawal option is through CS:GO skins.

In the past, it was possible to withdraw Ethereum from Datdrop, and the process was easy and convenient. As this option was available recently, we hope they will include it in the future as well.

Withdrawal how to

The withdrawal process at DatDrop is simple, but you’ll need to follow the rules.

First, you’re only able to withdraw CS:GO skins, and not real money through crypto or e-wallets.

You will not be able to withdraw the exact skins in your DatDrop inventory. Instead, after selecting skins from the inventory, you’ll be taken to the WaxPeer withdrawal page, where you can choose skins of the same value from their market.

Once you pick the skins from the WaxPeer market, those will be sent to your Steam account soonly afterward.

If you’re still willing to withdraw real money and not skins, you have the option to trade those skins on another platform. It certainly is an extra effort, but at least it’s possible to get real money in the end. Read more about converting skins to cash through PayPal.

Popularity and reputation

DatDrop is among the leaders in the Case Opening, Case Battle and Upgrade CS:GO games. They are cooperating heavily with popular streamers on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. Some of those streamers hit over a million subscribers and a few million views on each uploaded video.

Datdrop statistics and player count

We believe this is significant social proof, as those streamers wouldn't risk their reputation with shady sites.

There were some rumors that the DatDrop is rigged to award people with sponsored money, yet it was denied.

In addition to the fully transparent algorithm, a few streamers made a “battle” where on one side they had an account with sponsored money, and on the other an account with a regular deposit.

In the end, the non-sponsored account, which was supposed to be an underdog, earned much higher value skins compared to the sponsored account.

Another legitimate trust proof comes from the site Trustpilot. DatDrop has a score of 4.2, with more than one thousand reviews, which is considered great.

DatDrop TrustPilot score


Support was always quick and ready to solve problems here. We addressed them with a few inquiries and they responded in a timely manner, every time.

On the downside, they are only available through email, which might be less convenient compared to live chat.

License and security

DatDrop is owned by Meetic Group LP from London, United Kingdom, a company operating in accordance with the laws of Great Britain.

As you can see on their T&C page, their business model doesn’t require them to obtain a gambling license - as DatDrop’s services are not classified as gambling activities. This is based on the fact that no real money is used in any boxes or skins. Those items are virtual game content and not real financial assets.

Although this might seem shady, it’s perfectly secure and legal. At DatDrop, you’re protected by their transparent RNG algorithm (random number generator at random.org). In other words, none of the people from DatDrop (or any other third party) can access or modify the values that determine winners.

More in-depth information can be checked on their provably fair page, where they explain the algorithm in detail.

As the best part, since DatDrop’s activities aren’t classified as gambling, you can open boxes, do battle openings or upgrade skins even if your country doesn’t allow you to gamble. For example, at the time of writing, players from the United States will have no restrictions playing at DatDrop.

Free crate drops at DatDrop

How to sign-up?

Signing up at DatDrop is as easy as linking your Steam account.

  1. Click on the “Sign in with Steam” button on the top right corner of the page
  2. Confirm your Steam profile
  3. Click on the + sign next to your profile on the top right corner
  4. Find the “use promo code” section and enter the CSGOSB affiliate promo code to earn a 5% deposit bonus
  5. Deposit funds or skins and you’re ready to go

Our Verdict

At first glance, we thought that DatDrop is only a fancy-looking CS:GO gambling site with just a few games. But once we explored more in detail, we realized that they offer a significant value to each of their two million users.

As a critical factor, they have a 100% secure provably fair system that protects players from frauds and scams. Plus, you can check the actual numbers that influenced your winnings (or losses) with just a few clicks.

Also, next to every item in the crate, you’ll see a percentage that tells you the chances of winning, so you know exactly where you’re standing.

To sum it up, we find that DatDrop is not only fun but also a highly entertaining site with a lot to offer. You can explore different crates, test your luck in a battle with friends, or go for that higher value item through the upgrade.


DatDrop FAQ

How to cash out from DatDrop to BitSkins?

In the past, it was possible to cash out skins from DatDrop to BitSkins. Unfortunately, the only option is to withdraw CS:GO skins directly to your Steam account, and use them as a deposit on BitSkins afterward.

How to get Ethereum from DatDrop?

Ethereum is a deposit method at DatDrop, and you can use it to deposit funds to your account.

How to cashout to skins on DatDrop?

First, you need to pick the skins you want to cashout. Then, pick the “CS:GO Skins through WaxPeer” method and type in your trade URL. All you have to do is select the desired skins from the WaxPeer market and send them to your Steam account.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit at DatDrop is only $1, and you can pick one of the several deposit methods listed above.