Is it legit?

CS.MONEY is a legit and secure trading site for CS:GO and Dota 2 items.

They have been present on the market since 2016, and during this time they have built a reputable skin trading platform well-known within the community.










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Founded in 2016.
csmoney has 345000 monthly searches.
Company: CS Virtual Trade LTD


Referral code and welcome bonus offer

CS.MONEY is a trading-only site and doesn’t mix with gambling and betting activities. Therefore, they are not offering a standard set of welcome bonuses and referral codes.

However, you can still earn some extra money, or at least, lower the expenses by using our advice.

CS.MONEY will lower the trading fees by 2% if you add “CS.MONEY” to your Steam name. While this isn’t a ridiculous sum of money, it can be a significant saving when trading expensive items.

Also, once you level up your account to the Prime level, you’ll have a chance for a promotion. Prime account will unlock you the Top-up bonus of 45%. However, as this is the seasonal offer, that might change in the meantime.

csmoney stats

Game and service selection

CS.MONEY recently redesigned their website to offer a decent structure so you could easily find all the sections. Since services are limited to skin buying and selling, you shouldn’t have a hard time navigating the site.

Inside the header, you will find five main sections:


The Trade section is something you are probably familiar with. On the left side, you can upload your offering, and on the right pick the skins from CS.MONEY’s inventory you want to get.

There’s also a useful filter section in the middle, where you can select a certain type, color, wear level or other feature. These main filters are connected with the Basic option.

If you opt for a Pro feature selection, you will get over 10 different filters to fine-tune your search.

csmoney skin trading


The store is the main tab for buying different CS:GO and Dota 2 skins. There are two filter options, the same as for Trade - Basic and Pro.

Also, CS.MONEY is known as the site with an outstanding selection of skins, so you might find a rarity that’s not available somewhere else.

If you’re questioning the look of a particular skin, CS.MONEY offers you an amazing 3D Skin Viewer, where you can completely inspect the item. It will let you reload a weapon, see the skin from the side and fire a few shots.

csmoney skin store


Sell option is particularly useful when you’re not interested in getting another skin that’s available right now. Instead, you can trade items from your Steam inventory for CS.MONEY cash.

That cash can be later used for either the Store or Auction section. You will be able to get new skins with the money, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to withdraw that balance to cash.


The auction section is pretty straightforward and the bidding process is the same as eBay’s. You can compete with other users on the platform for a set of different skins and items from CS:GO and Dota 2.

csmoney skin auction


Once you update to Prime, you’ll be able to receive beneficiary rates for skin trades.

First, you’ll receive premium technical support, followed by increased discounts and lowered commissions.

For example, Basic users will have to pay a 7% fee when selling skins, while Prime users pay only 4%.

Payment methods

Thanks to G2A Pay, and several other payment solution providers, CS.MONEY offers almost any banking method that you might think of.

Players who want to deposit will have an array of features, from e-wallets to bank transfers. They are also not limited to CS:GO skins, and you can deposit with Dota 2 skins or CS:GO keys as well.

Here is the full deposit methods list:

  • CS:GO skins, CS:GO keys, Dota 2 items, Game Keys, PayPal, G2A Pay, Bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, Skrill, UnionPay, Neteller, Qiwi, WebMoney and iDeal. Those also include bitcoin trading platforms, letting you deposit with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, the withdrawal methods are more rigid, and you’ll be limited to in-game cosmetics as the only choice. This leaves you with CS:GO skins, Dota 2 items and Game Keys available for receiving.

Can you use a gift card for CS.MONEY?

The ability to control spendings gives the gift card an extra value that many players want to see. Lucky for you, G2A Pay made this available, so you can buy a fixed-rate card and spend up to the given.

A gift card also makes a great present so if you’re not sure which skins would your friend choose, grant them the fundings and the chance to pick themselves.

Can you withdraw real money on CS.MONEY?

Unfortunately no, you can’t withdraw money from CS.MONEY. Instead, you’ll have to send an item to another platform, and then make the sale.

In practice, it isn't a hassle-free process, and if your goal is to cash out your winnings, perhaps you should consider a different CS:GO skin trading portal.

Popularity and reputation

CS.MONEY is one of the most popular skin trading platforms for CS:GO skins and items. They were founded back in 2016, and until this moment they had enough time to prove their reputation within the community.

csmoney proof of success

They are Whitelisted on Reddit, as a reputable platform that’s officially verified and considered as safe for any skin trading activities.

An amazing trust signal comes from the Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5.0. This site is very well rated among the CS:GO community and players believe that it’s a legit and secure place for skin trading.

However, the majority of bad comments were about the high transaction fees as well as the hidden fees. Players claim that once you make the full transaction, you’ll get deductions from 10% to 20% of the total value of your trade.

Having this in mind, we suggest double-checking the final prices and fees you’re about to pay once you try to buy, sell or exchange a CS:GO skin.

csmoney recommended trustpilot score


The CS.MONEY support is truly great and responds in less than 20 seconds - but only if you buy a higher account package.

The Priority support is associated with Prime and Trader + user accounts, while the Basic account will have to struggle and wait a little bit more.

Speaking of the regular support, they are available through email, Steam and Vkontakte. The Steam support happens to be the best one, as they respond as fast as they see the message, which is often a few minutes.

License and security

CS.MONEY was founded back in 2016 by the CS Virtual Trade LTD, and since then they are known as a reputable and safe place for skin exchanges.

They are not taking a part in a gambling business, so they don’t need to have a license to operate. Everything is transparent and available on the site, so you should precisely know what you’re buying, selling, and what you’ll get in return.

Unfortunately, people reported problems with CS.MONEY scamming their accounts by stealing their skins from Steam or rigging the trade to their advantage.

However, those people were victims of popular internet scams, and they didn’t access CS.MONEY, and instead, they went to a phishing website.

Phishing websites are designed to recreate the original CS.MONEY, and once you provide your login credentials, they are going to steal your valuable items. Once you take a better look at the URL, you’ll see that instead of cs.money, those sites are named like cs.rnoney, cx.money, cs.monay and so on.

Those phishing sites are often featured as the #1 paid result on Google, so we advise you to follow our link to access the real version of the CS.MONEY.

Antiscam Chrome extension

CS.MONEY developed an extremely helpful anti-scam extension for Google Chrome that you can find in the footer of their site or directly inside the Chrome store.

The extension keeps you aware of any phishing sites by scanning your visits so you could almost browse on auto-pilot. If you happen to end up on the phishing site, the extension will block the content, with the suggestion to redirect to a real site.

How to sign-up

The sign-up process is extremely easy, and all you have to do is connect through Steam.

Once you do it, make sure to follow these crucial notes:

  1. Check if you’re on the legit site and not the phishing one
  2. Make your inventory on Steam public
  3. Activate mobile protection on Steam
  4. Level up your Steam account to at least level 2

These will be enough for your sign-up process, yet we strongly advise you to download the antiscam extension before even signing up on the website.

Our Verdict

CS.MONEY is a decent site for buying, selling and trading CS:GO and Dota 2 skins. They are considered pioneers in the trading industry, with a proven reputation and well-established trust.

They offer a great selection of skins and an easy-to-navigate interface so you could find anything in no time. As trading is the core of CS.MONEY’s business, they didn’t even bother with adding extra features and unnecessary other sections.

They are simply good at what they do, with the focus on the main product.

However, there are several negative reviews and possibly a few red flags connected with overall fees. A lot of users reported that they ended up paying too much for skins, or selling skins for a smaller amount than expected.

That’s due to their expensive fees that will deduct money from your offering, so you’re not getting that competitive edge over Steam’s official market anymore. Once the prices align, it becomes the same if you trade items on Steam or another third-party provider like CS.MONEY.

So, according to these, we would advise you to have a detailed exploration of fees associated with any trade, so you don’t end up with an unpleasant surprise in the end.

Besides this issue with fees, we would recommend CS.MONEY for skin trading, as they happen to be a reputable provider with several years behind their back. They are also safe and secure, and unless you end up on a scammer site, you shouldn’t have any security issues whatsoever.


Does CS.MONEY accepts prepaid Visa?

Yet, CS.MONEY accepts both debit and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Is CS.MONEY legit or fake?

CS.MONEY is a completely legitimate site, but make sure to stay away from phishing sites.

Why are my items untradeable on CS.MONEY?

Valve has a specific set of rules related to trading, and once you complete a trade you won’t be able to trade the same item once more for a few days after the initial transaction.