Is it legit?

CSGORoll is one of the up-and-coming CSGO betting sites, but is it legit? And if so, how good is it? In this review we cover the following:



5% Bonus on every deposits

Promo code



Case opening






Is CSGORoll legit or a scam?

From our research we do not believe CSGO is a scam. However, they do not currently operate a gambling license (as far as we can tell). In spite of that a lot of players seem to enjoy playing at CSGORoll. They have a great Trustpilot score and a Provably Fair games just like other CSGO skin betting sites with a license. Taking this into account it’s up to you to call CSGORoll legit or not.

Is it legal to play at CSGORoll?

Yes. As long as online gambling is legal in your country, and/or if you’re of age.

CSGORoll Referral Code & Bonus

When you sign up, remember to use our CSGORoll referral code / promo code; CSGOSB. This will give you $0.5 free, or the same in free coins.

You can use your $0.5 on whichever game you’d like. No matter if you enjoy crash betting, roulette or coinflip.

  • $0.5 free at CSGRoll at CSGRoll with bonus code: CSGOSB

There are no bonus terms when you use your CSGORoll promo code. Except that it has to be for a new account, and that you can’t have another account in the same name (or address).

Loyalty Program

When you sign up at CSGORoll, you automatically enter their loyalty program. Whenever you bet, you’ll accumulate points. These points will in turn result in leveling up your account. Already on level 2, you’ll receive a free case. Then you’ll receive a free case for every 10 levels, all the way up to level 100.

Signing Up

Sign up at CSGORoll through this link(aff link), then sign in through your Steam account.

Once you’ve completed these steps you’ll be prompted with a similar box to what you see in the image below.

csgoroll terms of service

If you’re not familiar with RWT, it stands for Real-World Trading. This means that you can’t trade items in your account with other people.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to withdraw your winnings.

That’s it so far. You’ve successfully registered an account at CSGORoll.

CSGORoll Deposit

Next up you’ll need to make a deposit to be able to start playing properly.

You can choose from various payment methods, including CSGO skins, debit cards, crypto and PayPal.

Take a look at the payment methods that are currently available at CSGORoll below.

csgoroll deposit methods

CSGORoll deposit methods

Almost all of the deposit methods are instant. That way you’re able to get started immediately. Be aware that it could take a couple of minutes to verify a crypto deposit however.

Currently the coin to dollar ratio is 1 coin = $0.7. This means a deposit of $70 grants you 100 coins.

Even though these are the standard payment methods, they may vary by country. 

Game selection

Game selection is another important aspect you have to consider when you’re choosing a CSGO skin betting site. Let’s have a look at the games you can expect to play at CSGORoll.


It isn’t really a CSGO skin betting site without classic roulette is it? Don’t worry, CSGORoll has got you covered. They even change their designs with the seasons (you can see the Easter theme in the image below).

CSGORoll roulette

If you prefer, you’re always able to choose to display a roulette wheel instead of a slider.

As with normal CSGO roulette, the wheel/slider consists of 15 symbols in total. 14 of these pay 2x, while the green pay 14x. That makes for a 6.67 % house edge as usual (not taking into account the jackpot).

If the slider lands on the green three times in a row, active bettors will split the jackpot.

CSGORoll Crash

While not displaying crash with a graph, as you might be used to, crash betting is still available at CSGORoll. You can choose to set an automatic multiplier, or cash out when you feel like it. The latter one is definitely the most intensive, and most people will say that is the way to go when you play crash.

Also, one thing you should remember when playing CSGORoll crash, you won’t be able to cash out manually if you’ve already set a multiplier to cash out at.

csgo crash

Other Games

In addition to roulette and crash betting, CSGORoll offers a few more games you can try your hand at.

  • Coinflip. Either create your own game or join another in a PVP environment. Let the best coin toss win.
  • Dice. At CSGORoll you’re able to play both dice versus a computer, and against other players. Here both parties throw two dice, and the one with the highest score wins.

In spite of having a good selection of games, we would’ve loved to see esports match betting at CSGORoll. Since they don’t have a Curacao license (or any other gambling license), they are not able to provide match betting on CSGO, or any other esport games.

Owners & License

Feral Entertainment Limited is the company behind CSGORoll (or CSGO Roll if you want). It’s registered in Cyprus, not unusual for gambling companies due to their tax regulations.

At the moment, the company doesn’t have a gambling license. This means that they’re not allowed to provide match betting, among other ways of gambling.

Usually this is not a good sign for a gambling site. However, CSGORoll has great reviews on Trustpilot, which mirrors what we’ve seen on the internet when researching this site.

Design & Site Layout

Design wise, CSGORoll is a breath of fresh air. One of the things we enjoy, is that their theme changes by season. For instance, in March through April, they have an Easter theme.

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for at CSGORoll. No matter if you’re looking to make a deposit, withdraw or play a game.

The same goes for mobile play. No matter if you have an Android, iOS or Windows device, you’ll have no issues navigating or playing on the site.


There’s no arguing that CSGORoll has a great community of players. What could be argued is the structure of their chatting system. Currently the chat isn’t divided into categories, no matter where you are on the site, you’re staying in the same chat.

For smaller sites, this can be a good thing. But for larger sites, it’s usually better to divide the rooms up a bit. If not you’ll have people having separate conversations in the same chat. For instance, while some are talking about playing coinflip, others are talking about their crash betting.

We would’ve preferred if the chat was separated into either languages, or categories. So that you could either talk with your fellow countrymen, or with fellow players gambling the same game as you.


CSGORoll has a good thing going. It can’t be compared to CSGOEmpire and CSGO500 when it comes to size, but then again size isn’t everything. Here you’ll be able to enjoy almost everything we love about CSGO skin betting, from roulette, to crash, coinflip and dice. The only thing missing from their selection is match betting.

Another positive is that they allow residents in the USA and France to play at their site. This is not the case for companies with a Curacao license. If you reside in one of these countries, CSGORoll is your best bet.

Make sure that you use our CSGORoll referral code: CSGOSB when you sign up for $0.5 free.


Is there a roulette pattern on CSGORoll?

Unfortunately there’s no roulette pattern at this site. All that you can hope for is luck.

What is the coin value?

The latest updated coin value at CSGORoll is that 1 coin = $0.7.

What is CSGORoll?

CSGORoll is a CSGO skin betting site, allowing players to bet their skins and real money on games of chance.

Is there a promo code for CSGORoll?

Yes, use our promo code CSGOSB to get $0.5 free when signing up as a new player.